Building trust: Australia’s best sales contact centres of 2019

March 2019

Each year GRIST runs a project to identify Australia’s best – most consistent, engaging and compelling – contact centre sales teams. This year’s winner has made it a hat trick, winning three years in a row, but there were also some new entrants and surprises for some industries.

Based on GRIST’s behavioural analytics data, Peter Grist, Managing Director, and David McQueen, Senior Partner at GRIST, talked through what these top-performing sales teams do differently – including insights that you can take back to any sales role and incorporate straight away for improved results.

In this webinar, we also looked at what those mythical ethical selling conversations actually sound like – showcasing the conversation micro-behaviours that can delight customers, shareholders and the regulator alike and help to build trust. In the wake of Australia’s Financial Services Royal Commission, we couldn’t find a definition for “the intent of ethical selling,” so we created one that we’re keen to share and discuss. Join us in this discussion at Ethical Selling Australia.


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash



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