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"Our leaders now drive continual improvement through a coaching-for-results culture"

"The results have been significant, with our teams receiving industry recognition and awards"

"We are complete advocates and hold ourselves accountable to role model the GRIST methodology"

"It’s been a great exercise to date and the results continue to improve"

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What our clients say

After considering various alternatives we employed GRIST as they best reflected our desire to create a training program that was both specific to our strategy and facilitated a different mindset or culture within our team. GRIST listened to not only us, but more importantly our team and our customers, which enabled them to develop a unique solution that had relevance and achieved its objectives.

As of a result of this joint work NAB Retail had a significant lift in staff engagement, customer satisfaction has reached a 14 year high and sales productivity and cross-sell are up over 30%. Overall we are very pleased with these business outputs, which appear to be sustainable and in fact continuing to grow.

Throughout the training process it has always felt like a partnership between GRIST and NAB Retail and I have always found them responsive, committed to our success and engaged in driving positive outcomes. Faced with the need again I would have no hesitation in engaging GRIST and would recommend them to anyone looking to implement a cultural change or training program.

Bob Melrose

General Manager | Retail Sales, NAB

Results to date have included improvements in staff engagement scores by an average of 20 points overall. In the commercial area since the commencement of the program they have achieved an increase in new business gross written premiums of 42% including an increase of 20% in the number of cross sales into other products. A key goal of the program for claims and support was to increase client advocacy scores. In six months the client advocacy scores have increased by 111% and are sitting at the highest levels ever achieved by IAG and unprecedented in the industry.

Stuart Blake

National Sales and Distribution Manager, IAG

GRIST partnered with Telstra in a change program around achieving Sales Excellence and in 12 months GRIST has helped Telstra achieve:

  • An increase in our internal sales metric by an extra $196m in total from the starting base line
  • An increase of 9% in our sales metric per person
  • A significant improvement in our conversion rates (calls answered/sales made) which have doubled

GRIST left us with a specific set of sales leadership and management routines to continuously drive the results and a clear behaviour change methodology for all front line staff and management.

I have found GRIST:

  • Places significant emphasis on researching and analysing the business needs of an organisation in order to tailor the program content which achieves great buy in and positive expectations from front line leaders and staff
  • Place significant emphasis on understanding the current culture and environment of the business and how this is or is not conducive to successfully achieving program outcomes over the long term
  • Tailors the change management process to take into account the current status of the organisation and the desired end state.
  • Also have the internal courage to hold to their view and push back on internal management when they believe this is the right thing to do. This they did for us on several occasions with powerful impact
  • Places my needs as a client very highly and take a can-do attitude and strive very hard to deliver when we ask for changes in program roll out, content, or timing. This has been quite amazing for a small company to respond the way they have
Gary Hermann

previous Head of Sales Excellence, Telstra

The Water Corporation Contact Centre has undergone a significant transformation program to meet the expectations of the evolving needs of our customers. The program spanned across all four dimensions: people, process, customer and technology. Our partnership with GRIST has been instrumental in delivering against our people, leadership capability and cultural change objectives.  Our people are now equipped with the tools and capability to create a real connection with our customers, uncover their needs and apply an empathetic approach. Our Leaders have been skilled with the coaching capability which drives a high performance culture and most of all, GRIST provided the support required to ensure the program is embedded to the point where, this is the way we do things.

Ronny Flendt

Head of Contact Centre | Customer & Community Group, Water Corporation

GRIST have worked consistently to deliver a cultural transformation and leadership program to enhance the capability of all staff across our business. GRIST’s coaching has led to a number of positive outcomes including an increase in staff engagement, positive increase in our Net Promoter Score measuring member advocacy plus an upward movement in key sales measures. Our leaders now drive continual improvement through a coaching-for-results culture.

Andrew Hadley

Chief Executive Officer, P&N

I cannot praise enough the skill and professional capabilities of the GRIST facilitators. Their ability to adapt to the environment, understand our business realities, become one of the team, contribute to our success and challenge us has been just exceptional. Their passion and energy to see us develop and realise our potential is the best I have ever encountered. The way they use every available minute to check-in, care, add something extra or challenge us to change has been amazing. We are moving from good to great with last quarter’s result being 209% of target.

Craig Myers

Contact Centre Manager, Telstra Business

The power of the program has been in the high levels of engagement and participation GRIST has created with all levels within our organisation. While the call centre results speak for themselves, the true measure of the cultural change is in the way our retail network has embraced the program and our back office managers are ‘jealous’ of having to wait their turn.

While the GRIST program is undoubtedly a great frontline program, I see it has huge benefits beyond just the frontline – it has created a focus and language that is now pervading through the whole organisation.

David Miller

Direct Sales and Service Manager, nib

GRIST has partnered with us over many years and has assisted us to develop and update our strategic plan on two occasions. We have found the process to be very effective due to:

  • The way in which GRIST engages with our people and helps us to identify the critical issues that are hindering our success
  • The way GRIST facilitates the planning process that helps us create the plan and ensure everyone has the opportunity to contribute their ideas
  • The quick turnaround of our feedback, ideas and information into an easy-to-read document
  • The tools and implementation support that is provided to ensure that the plan is brought to life
Peter Mott

Chief Executive Officer, Hollywood Private Hospital

The GRIST program has changed me and the entire business for the best. I have never experienced anything like it before and the mindset of all our people, leaders and bankers alike has completely changed for the best. We are complete advocates and hold ourselves accountable everyday to role model and lead the methodology on a daily basis. It has been the focus on action and behaviours that has delivered this and I need to thank GRIST so much for honestly changing my life and making me a more effective leader.

Dirk Ludowyk

Business Unit Manager | Customer Contact Centre, NAB

We have worked with GRIST over many years and more recently undertook the Service to Sales benchmarking activity. Our leadership team are greatly enthused by the insights GRIST provides and are excited when they can see the impacts of their efforts in this space. That, along with the workshops and calibration sessions they run in collaboration with us, deepens their understanding of the opportunities and further drives their desire to go the ‘extra mile’ and help their people deliver that exceptional member experience that is so important to our success. It’s been a great exercise to date and the results continue to improve.

Belinda Sproule

Call Centre Group Manager, HCF

We had a simple objective: build capability for quality conversations in the Inbound Contact Centre. GRIST provided us with the resources we needed to succeed. The benchmarks and facilitated training helped us to articulate a framework with standards for quality assurance and performance management. The results have been significant, with our teams receiving industry recognition and awards. The GRIST team continue to be a valued business partner in our contact centre.

Barbara Rhodes

National Sales Coach, TMB

The GRIST facilitator’s vibrant non-threatening supportive style fits well with our business. They are comfortable challenging group and individuals’ thinking with a focus on best practice and improving sales behaviour and results. They’re quick to recognise where staff are at and to facilitate next steps.

Tracey Snape

Learning and Development Advisor, PGG Wrightson NZ

The GRIST team helped us move from a solely service based culture to a sales and service culture with all team members consistently working towards achieving strong sales KPIs, resulting in an overall increase in sales by 26%. The methodology used by GRIST ensures we are discovering the needs of our members and educating them on the most appropriate solutions that benefit them.

Lesley Walker

Senior Manager | Contact Centre, GESB

This change management program has delivered a lot more than what we expected as far as thinking about culture, strategy and results and how they need to be clearly linked. We look forward to measuring the expected upside in our business and following the clear, new and exciting management routines that GRIST have suggested.

Wayne Wilson

Director | Sales and Distribution, Asgard Wealth Solutions

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