Aligning Systems


We know that incumbent processes and systems can make you feel hamstrung and unable to make the changes required to achieve your objectives. GRIST’s expertise extends to the design and implementation of organisational systems and processes to align with your organisation’s strategy.



Drawing on our frontline behavioural analytics expertise, we have the capability to:

  • Design intent-based QA standards that capture the nuances of the conversation quality
  • Ensure compliance to regulatory frameworks and internal charters
  • Develop and calibrate your QA team to consistently and rigorously apply the standards
  • Deliver real-time reporting, analysis and insights
  • Oversee our own team of QA analysts and administer the program for you

Applying our understanding of your business and our view of what good looks like, we have the capability to:

  • Design reward and recognition systems that incentivise people to embed the right behaviours
  • Develop scorecards that provide absolute clarity into what’s expected
  • Craft recruitment criteria to help you bring on the right people
  • Design on boarding and accreditation processes for new recruits


Problems we help you solve

  • “My people aren’t incentivised to embed the change”
  • “I don’t have confidence that our QA data is accurate”
  • “My call quality team seem to focus solely on compliance”
  • “Our on boarding systems are letting people fall through the gaps”

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