Frontline Behavioural Analytics


Most internal QA processes focus on compliance and scripting and miss the more nuanced sales and engagement-building behaviours that are proven to impact results. You need data-driven insights into the quality and effectiveness of sales and service conversations taking place both within your organisation and your competitors.



GRIST is unique in our ability to objectively measure the quality of conversations at a behavioural-level. We understand what great conversations sound like, and can measure the specific behaviours that are (or aren’t) being exhibited.

Our assessments are intent-based frameworks that capture the nuances of sales and service conversations and guides, rather than prescribes. The reporting and insights we produce help you direct your focus to the areas that will have the most impact on results.

GRIST behavioural analytics assess your performance against best practice, key competitors, other industries and – most crucially – your company’s objectives.


  • Contact Centre Sales/Service
  • Retail Sales/Service
  • Account/Relationship Management
  • Field Sales
  • Live Chat Sales/Service


We love working with clients to design bespoke benchmarking projects. Whether you want to know what differentiates your top from lower-performing consultants; why some consultants are more successful in their cross-sell attempts; how consultant behaviour impacts NPS and CSAT results, and which strategies will drive success on specific campaigns.

GRIST has benchmarked over 80,000 customer-consultant conversations and have observed a gradual shift in what impacts the outcome, in line with changing technologies and customer preferences. Customers are now savvier and better-informed than ever, and subject-matter expertise is less of a selling point. The most successful sales and service consultants display emotional intelligence and exceptional rapport building behaviours. GRIST captures measure these nuanced behaviours.

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