Leadership 180


You want to improve leadership capability in your organisation, yet you have little visibility of the quality, frequency and effectiveness of the leadership activities that occur. You need insight into how well the operating rhythm is being implemented, and whether these activities are positively impacting results.



GRIST has administered the Leadership 180 survey to 1600+ leaders and 14000+ of their direct reports. The survey identifies gaps in experience between leaders and their direct reports in terms of the quality and quantity of leadership activities being delivered. This data also benchmarks leadership effectiveness, improvements over time and can be used to measure the success of change programs.

Our actionable insights and targeted recommendations highlight which specific leadership activities need to be developed and the extent to which your leaders are likely to make a positive impact on their team.

The Leadership 180 survey is crucial to creating the self-awareness leaders need to begin focusing on their development opportunities.




Barbara Rhodes, National Sales Coach | TMB

“My objective was to introduce and facilitate a coaching program for contact centre team leaders. The Leadership 180 survey offered us significant insight into the value of coaching, with perspectives from coaches and coachees. While we found gaps, the results highlighted the value of leaders who had the capability to coach effectively. We could see the potential if we built coaching capability across all business units. GRIST shared these insights with senior management which resulted in a commitment to build a culture to coach our people to achieve their full potential.”

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