Leadership Behavioural Analytics


You probably already know that leaders are the single biggest influence on the behaviours and mindset of customer-facing sales and service consultants, yet most organisations have very little visibility into whether their leaders are effectively developing their people as opposed to managing the day-to-day.



GRIST is unique in our ability to objectively measure the quality of coaching at a behavioural level. Our leadership benchmarks have been developed and refined based on our experience developing over 3000 Australian-based people leaders, coupled with latest behavioural change evidence-based thinking. We have unmatched data-driven insight into the correlation between specific coaching behaviours and successful coaching outcomes.

Our leadership benchmarks are intent-based frameworks that capture the nuances of leadership conversations and guide, rather than prescribe. The results and reporting provide individual leaders with absolute clarity into which critical coaching behaviours they are/aren’t demonstrating, and how they can act to enhance the quality and effectiveness of coaching conversations they have with their team members.




Questions we help you answer

  • Are your leaders driving improvements at a behavioural level?
  • Do leaders facilitate a shared understanding of best practice?
  • Are leaders holding team members accountable for goals set?
  • Are activities consultative and interactive or didactic and one-sided?
  • Are your leaders challenging people’s mindsets?
  • What needs to change to ensure these conversations work?

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