Learner-centric Tools


With so much information out there competing for our attention it’s more vital than ever to ensure that learning and development material is designed and presented in a way that participants actually want to engage with. You can’t afford to roll out ‘just another training program’ – you need something that’s aligned with current employee learning styles and preferences and that will make a difference to your cultural, customer and financial results.


Our content, delivery methods, tools and resources put the learner at the centre by following these principles:

  • Practical: incorporating interactive role play, practice and real-life examples to bring the learnings to life and allow learners to trial new ways of doing things in a safe environment
  • Meaningful: encouraging learners to create meaning for themselves by explaining the intent behind what they’re being asked to do (teaching them how to apply knowledge rather than to memorise information)
  • Accessible: allowing the motivated learners to proactively access learning material, rather than prescribing when resources can be accessed
  • Collaborative: valuing the expertise and experience of the learner and their peers to encourage sharing of best practice and innovative ways of doing things

Delivery methods and resources

  • Face-to-face workshops
  • Virtual classrooms
  • Interactive webinars
  • eLearning resources
  • Self-assessment tools

Self-assessment tools

We have a suite of behavioural self-assessment tools that complement our frontline and leadership behavioural analytics products.  These tools allow your people to measure and track their capability over time, to then be able to proactively seek out targeted learning resources and activities. Encouraging your people to take ownership of their own learning and development helps build a culture of continual improvement, aligned with your organisation’s objectives.


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