Program Design


GRIST are experts in designing customised sales and leadership culture change programs. Drawing from our suite of consulting, benchmarking and content delivery solutions we create robust initiatives that ensure solid results. We excel in both large scale nation-wide, multi-channel roll outs and smaller, bespoke projects.


  • We collaborate with your key subject matter experts to seamlessly incorporate your products, systems, processes, language and corporate branding into the program
  • We design a customised brand and all communications pieces so that participants are delivered a consistent message that generates buy-in to achieve the desired results
  • GRIST works with the project team to craft a program schedule that provides absolute clarity by specifying which interventions will be delivered to which groups of people at which times
  • We work with you throughout the delivery of the program to evaluate its success and ensure it remains responsive to the evolving needs of your business

Bob Melrose, General Manager - Retail Sales | NAB

“After considering various alternatives we employed GRIST as they best reflected our desire to create a training program that was both specific to our strategy and facilitated a different mindset or culture within our team. GRIST listened to not only us, but more importantly our team and our customers, which enabled them to develop a unique solution that had relevance and achieved its objectives.

As of a result of this joint work NAB Retail had a significant lift in staff engagement, customer satisfaction has reached a 14 year high and sales productivity and cross-sell are up over 30%. Overall we are very pleased with these business outputs, which appear to be sustainable and in fact continuing to grow.

Throughout the training process it has always felt like a partnership between GRIST and NAB Retail and I have always found them responsive, committed to our success and engaged in driving positive outcomes.”

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