Tactical Coaching


You want to develop your team and bolster performance, but you – like most leaders – are dealing with competing priorities and you lack the time to deliver and maintain a consistent, targeted and cohesive coaching program.



GRIST delivers high-performance coaching initiatives to complement your leadership efforts. Our experienced senior consultants observe and coach senior and mid-level leaders on-the-job to establish the quality, frequency and effectiveness of their leadership activities in line with the agreed leadership operating rhythm.

We uncover the mindset, behaviours and capabilities that underpin your leader’s current results. We build a shared understanding of the areas they need to focus on and implement a structured coaching program to drive, measure and assess leaders’ performance development.

We work with your leaders to establish their commitment to a tailored game plan that maps out the actions they will take to improve their results, and deliver regular 1:1 coaching to assess progress against the game plan. A responsive feedback loop means goals remain relevant.


Questions we help you answer

  • What impact do your leaders have on their team’s performance?
  • Why are your people doing things as they are?
  • How do the current behaviours compare to best practice?
  • What needs to be done differently to embed the right behaviours?
  • How do you close the gap for good and achieve sustainable results?

Leslie Walker, Senior Manager Member Services | GESB

“What has differentiated this program is the tools and support GRIST provide you with once you leave the workshop. So often you attend a session and there is no follow up but this program armed you with everything required to maintain and continually build on the skills learned. GESB Member Services has now been awarded the WA Call Centre of the Year for under 50 seats – for three consecutive years. This takes into account a whole range of behaviours and results. The leadership required to drive these results came from disciplined leadership routines instilled through GRIST coaching.”

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