About us

We work with you to redefine the future for person-to-person sales in the context of digitisation

We show you how to adapt to changing regulations and still have high-quality sales conversations

We help you figure out how to motivate and develop all team members, from Millenials through to Boomers

We define what you need to do differently to make sure customer-facing channels are sustainable

We empower you to influence the behaviours of your franchisees and partners

What we do and why


GRIST’s purpose is to partner with clients to define, measure and develop the customer-facing and leadership behaviours required to attract and retain customers now and into the future.

Our goal is to help clients build engaging and productive sales cultures that redefine sales in light of the challenges posed by digitisation, regulation and changing customer and employee preferences.

We are always looking for new and better ways to help clients bring their value proposition to life and develop their people to succeed.

For us, there’s no better feeling than helping people and teams accomplish challenging and meaningful goals.

The case for redefining sales


Let’s face it, ‘sales’ has an image problem. Even though over 10% of the workforce are involved in sales there is no formal accreditation or tertiary qualification required to become a sales consultant, and many people associate sales with stereotypes of used car salesmen or door-to-door vacuum cleaner spruikers. Combine this with the challenges of regulation and digitisation and we think sales is ready to be redefined.

At GRIST we want to play a part in defining sales as a profession. A profession that enables customers to achieve their goals should be something to be proud of. After all, the best sales outcome is one where the customer’s needs – both stated and unstated – are met. We are driven by a desire to develop people to have more authentic, meaningful and compelling conversations with their customers and sales/service teams. We are working to redefine sales so that it becomes synonymous with helping people reach better outcomes.

How we work with you

Our business would be nothing without the relationships and friendships we've established with our clients over the years and our greatest satisfaction comes from helping our clients achieve their goals.

We aim to role model the same customer-centric philosophy we help embed in our client's organisations. You can rely on us to be genuine, down-to-earth and here to help you do your job better.

Our clients tell us they value working with us because we're responsive, flexible and generous with our time and expertise. We're confident you'll agree.


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